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Microsoft DevOps Gold Competency Assessment – Passed!

Today I passed the new Azure DevOps Assessment (18473), happy!

After taking and passing the exams a couple of years ago, the requirements are changed for achieving Gold DevOps Partner status. The current exams are going to retire and are replaced by a new online assessment which I passed today.

More info on: https://partner.microsoft.com/cs-cz/membership/devops-competency#simple-tab-content-2

Interesting VSTS updates july 2018

Below are some nice articles and blogposts I came across on the web about VSTS and related stuff.

  • Some cool updates to the Stakeholder access level. Stakeholders will be able to do more if granted the access, and can be an admin in the VSTS account.
  • You can move from your imported XML process to an inherited one soon, and it will be a lot easier. Bye bye XML.
  • Here’s how to recover a deleted GIT repository.
  • If you are using RedGate steps in your build or release definitions be sure to check these new SQL Change Automation stuff. Might come in handy.

Thanks to the authors and publishers of the articles! Learning fast…and able to keep up with new stuff, nice!

VSTS/TFS Roadmap update for 2018 Q1 and Q2 – Microsoft DevOps Blog

Nice new blog post from Alex Nichols, Senior Program Manager on the Visual Studio Team Services team at Microsoft:

“We recently published an update to the “Features under development” roadmap on our Features timeline. This feature list, although subject to change and not comprehensive, provides visibility into our key investments in the medium term. We update the feature list as part of our agile planning rhythms, about every 9 weeks. Some of the features link to deep dive blog posts or articles where you can find out more. We also denote the version of on-premises TFS we expect the feature to be included in, often after getting mileage on VSTS. Here are a few features that are particularly noteworthy.

Code: Add required reviewers as a contributor

You’ll soon be able to get a little more specific in pull requests. In Q1 we plan to allow pull request contributors to add required reviewers instead of merely relying on branch policies.

Code: Filter by target branch and labels

In repositories with a lot of branches and activity it can be difficult to focus in on the important pull requests in progress. In Q2 we plan to add filters to the pull request list for target branch and labels to get you collaborating sooner.

Code: GVFS for Mac – Public Preview

While GVFS got it starts in supporting the development of Windows, the largest Git repository on earth, that isn’t the only massive repository at Microsoft. Office also has a lot of code, as you can imagine, and shares a lot of it between their macOS/iOS and Windows products. Based on our work with the Office team, in Q2 we plan to bring GVFS for Mac back out to the community as well in public preview.

Work: New Agile Hubs

We are in the middle of a big refresh to our core hubs in Work. In Q2 you’ll see consistent filter and favoriting experiences across the board to help you get to the work items you care about with ease. As you build the list of favorites you’ll find it handy to quickly jump between the work of various teams or sets of related work.

Build and Release: Configuration as code (YAML)

Last Fall we announced the availability of YAML builds to give you another option for defining and evolving your CI as your code evolves. In Q2 we look forward to bringing that out of preview and making it generally available. In Q3 we look forward to bringing YAML to releases in public preview so that your deployments can evolve with your code as well.

Build and Release: VM and additional languages support for DevOps Projects

Coming off the release of Azure DevOps Projects last Fall, we’re planning to add additional support to cover even more situations you may have to start a new project. In Q1 we plan to add virtual machines as a new target service option and both the Go and Ruby language options.

Package: Maven general availability and upstream support

Maven artifacts can be set up as a feed in Package Management to share them with your team and organization. In Q2 we plan to make this type of feed generally available and also bring upstream support so you can setup Maven feeds stored in a variety of locations.

Admin: Multiple Accounts per “Organization”

As more teams use VSTS for their projects and create accounts, we’ve heard clear scenarios from organizations that have driven focused investments starting with the thoughtful relationship of accounts (known as “Team Project Collections” in on-premises TFS) under a single organization umbrella. We’ve made key progress internally on this current #3 top requested idea on UserVoice and plan to bring this public this year after adopting it for ourselves.

We appreciate your feedback, which helps us prioritize. If you have new ideas or changes you’d like to see, provide a suggestion on UserVoice or vote for an existing one.”

Source: VSTS/TFS Roadmap update for 2018 Q1 and Q2 – Microsoft DevOps Blog