TFS Build Server Versioning Assemblies

Recently discovered an excellent way to automate versioning of assemblies integrated in a TFS build definition. I followed the guide and instructions written at this code plex open source project

Then I created specific build templates including these options, so that creators and users of build definitions can edit all the versioning attributes a long side other customizations for two of our clients and they are very happy about it.

I really recommend this custom made build activities to all who need to automated assembly versioning included in their TFS build templates and definitions.

Good work guys!

WordPress 2014

I am happy to see that the new WordPress version is available as a package in my newly updated Synology NAS. The package is supported and updated to the latest WordPress version in the just released DSM 5.0. Offcourse you can always install the latest version of WordPress yourself on the Synology NAS but I happy to see that just a couple of clicks is enough.

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