Microsoft DevOps Gold Competency Assessment – Passed!

Today I passed the new Azure DevOps Assessment (18473), happy!

After taking and passing the exams a couple of years ago, the requirements are changed for achieving Gold DevOps Partner status. The current exams are going to retire and are replaced by a new online assessment which I passed today.

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        1. No I don’t have the answers. I believe that anyone who wishes to pass the assessment needs to study and/or have the knowledge. The assessment is not that hard for people in the DevOps business working with Microsoft tools on a daily basis. Good luck following the courses and taking the assessment. You can retry at least a couple of times.

  1. Hi, I passed the assessment after around 10 attempts. I was trying to find answers for the questions and then this question popped up for which i could not find answer at all.I feel the question itself is wrong.
    The question is :

    9) Your team has designed and delivered several applications into Azure using a variety of Azure resources. The operations team would like to use native Azure capabilities to improve their monitoring. Which of the following data types can be consumed in the Azure Monitor pipeline? Select seven answers.
    A. Storage logs.
    B. Azure Security Center alerts.
    C. Billing data.
    D. Azure platform-level metrics.
    E. Azure Resource Center Updates.
    F. Azure App Service logs.
    G. OS metrics and logs from guest VMs.
    H. Custom/application-level metrics.
    I. Azure Trust Center violations.
    J. VSTS Git Commits.

    According to
    there are 7 sources which are mentioned above. I tried giving all the combinations. still i did not get the answer. Are you aware of it? Just curious to know the answer.

      1. I also stumbled upon this question for my 3 attempts. I never got this one correct. Do you know what is the passing score for the assessment please? Thanks

  2. Hi there, in order to pass the assessment from Microsoft, you should also pass the exam from training course(EDX mandatory material-Dev Ops Practices and Principles)?

  3. I have passed the exam and am willing to sell you some sample questions, if you’re interested.

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