Azure DevOps Server 2019 is here!

Azure DevOps Server 2019 (the successor of #TFS) is available now! I can assist in upgrading from any TFS version or we can migrate your data to @AzureDevOps in the #cloud. Let us know @DeltaNBV ! #DrivingDevOps

“Azure DevOps Server 2019 is available now if you want to self-host on-premises. Time to plan your TFS upgrades to get all the latest bits. To learn more see:

I just upgraded my existing 2019 RC to the final product version without any problems…next, next, finish…Cool!

DevOps Team Topologies

Onderstaand een link naar een artikel wat een aantal anti-type DevOps team structuren binnen organisaties beschrijft. Daarnaast ook een aantal team structuren die goed werken. Welke team structuur past het beste bij uw organisatie?

Thanks to Matthew and Manuel for setting up this nice website!

Source: DevOps Team Topologies

VSTS Sprint 138 Update | Microsoft Docs



Build and release:





Source: Review summarized test results – VSTS Sprint 138 Update | Microsoft Docs

Microsoft DevOps Gold Competency Assessment – Passed!

Today I passed the new Azure DevOps Assessment (18473), happy!

After taking and passing the exams a couple of years ago, the requirements are changed for achieving Gold DevOps Partner status. The current exams are going to retire and are replaced by a new online assessment which I passed today.

More info on:

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